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ALLMass Energy is a Limited Liability Company organized in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2005 by William J. McBride to provide independent brokering services for the procurement of electric generation supply on behalf of its clients.

Mission Statement:  To assist our clients in securing the best possible price for electric generation supply the marketplace has to offer.

Client Base

ALLMass Energy, LLC services clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We service medium to large size commercial, industrial and governmental users of electricity.

William J. McBride
Founder: ALLMass Energy, LLC

Qualifications and Work Experience

William J. McBride has a B.S. Degree in Engineering Management from Norwich University.  He has worked for over 33 years in the electric utility industry for National Grid and its former subsidiaries Massachusetts Electric Company and New England Power Service Company.  He has worked mainly in the Business Services Group working with commercial and industrial customers and various branches of local and state government. He has held managerial positions in the Commercial & Industrial Services and Conservation and Load Management Departments along with being Municipal Accounts Manager for the 18 cities and towns in the Merrimack Valley District of Massachusetts Electric. 

He held the position of Manager of Legislative Affairs and Policy Initiates for New England Power Service Company in the early 90’s when electric industry restructuring began building momentum amongst business and political leaders.  He also helped conduct the first pilot program in Massachusetts where customers had a choice of who provided their electric generation supply.

He is now retired from National Grid and the founder and manager of ALLMass Energy, LLC.  He is licensed by the Department of Telecommunications and Energy as an Electricity Broker in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is approved to provide electric aggregation service in New Hampshire.

ALLMass Energy, LLC Mission Statement:

“To assist our clients in securing the best possible price for electric generation supply the market place has to offer.”

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