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Pricing Options





ALLMass Energy, LLC can provide its client’s with a variety of pricing products.  We will also advise you on which product may be best for your business.
Fixed Price:
The vast majority of customers are best served by a Fixed Price contract for a specified term of 1, 2 or 3 years.
  • · Allows a customer to lock in a price for an extended length of time
  • · Allows a customer the ability to manage their budget with a high degree of certainty
  • · Provides price stability


Real Time or Day-Ahead Price
For customers who wish to purchase their energy needs at market-based prices. This type of pricing is for the large user who has the flexibility to manage their power usage.
  • · Customer purchases power hourly on the locational-based marginal cost to generate that power
  • · Customer must have the flexibility to maximize usage when prices are low and curtail usage when prices are high
  • · Customer must have the ability to monitor pricing on a daily basis
  • · Prices are normally 15 – 20% cheaper than a fixed price contract
  • · Risk factor is higher than with a fixed price contract
Blend Price
For customers who want to combine the benefits of Fixed and Real Time pricing.  With this type of pricing the customer locks in a Fixed price for their base load and buys at Real Time pricing for a variable portion of load.
  • · Provides a customized solution with flexibility
  • · Provides price stability for the major portion of electricity usage
  • · Allows the customer to take advantage of low prices for a portion of there usage
Pre-determined Price

For customers who want to lock in a price when and if the market reaches that price.  For customers who are on utility generation supply and wish to sign with a Competitive Supplier when the desired price is reached. Conversely, for those customers on market-based rates who wish to transfer to a fixed price when the market is trending higher.

  • · Provides the customer on utility supply with a sense of security that they will automatically be locked in to their desire       
      price as the market trends lower
  • · Limits the downside risk for the customer on market-based pricing when the market is trending higher       



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